Sejal and Ankur’s Indian Wedding–Part 1

We traveled to Hyderabad for the Mehendi Ceremony. Pretty much, we got to hang out with Sejal’s family for a whole day, eat food and I had a little Mehendi applied. The house was just filled with fun people. It was a pleasure to get to know everyone. But one thing I really loved was getting to see just how involved the families were. A lot of Sejal’s family lives within a block of each other. So, everyone is close.

Mehendi is so pretty once it’s applied. And it makes everything smell like eucalyptus. Apparently, the darker the Mehendi looks on the skin, the more your partner is in love.

After Hyderabad, we hopped a plane for Indore and the wedding festivities began. So, below are images from both time in Hyderabad and Indore.


That one time we went to India

I know I don’t typically write much here and I let photos speak for themselves. But in this case, I feel it would be a mistake for me not to at least try to convey some of our experience. If you’d rather just see images, then just scroll on.

We took a whirlwind of a trip to India in November. There was so much to see. We actually didn’t even see a whole lot because of time constraints. We arrived in Mumbai in the middle of the night. Although I had done some research and talked to several people who had been to India, I was not prepared for what awaited us.

It was like an assault on the senses. So much noise between the people, motors, animals and endless honking. The smells, oh my. The smell of food mixed with pollution, livestock mixed with the exotic smells of jasmine, saffron, eucalyptus and so much more than I could possibly describe adequately. The colors were vibrant everywhere we looked. And, of course, the food was incredible. Since we love spicy food, Indian food was a true treat. We were super fortunate in that we didn’t ever experience the dreaded Delhi belly. We also did some research beforehand on basic food safety when traveling somewhere like India. So that may have helped some.

The culture was rich with tradition. We had the unique experience of attending and, for me, photographing an Indian wedding. The four-day event was full of ceremonies and colorful garb, sweet family and spicy food. I always love getting to experience other cultures. But it was incredible to experience an Indian wedding. The families were so gracious to us. The bride’s aunts in particular kept an eye out for me. They were so very kind. Not to worry, lots of pictures to come.

As I am still wading my way through wedding images, here is a quick sampling of our time in Bombay.