Sejal and Ankur’s Indian Wedding–Part 3

This is my final post on the wedding. Please bear with me. It’s a long one. The morning began with Ankur riding a white horse through the streets of Indore accompanied by lots of music and dancing family members. Then Sejal arrived looking gorgeous in traditional wedding attire. Everything she wore was just so colorful and intricately designed. Not to mention, everyone was dressed so colorfully that it makes most American weddings look rather sober. The entire wedding weekend was wrapped up with the wedding ceremony. Have a look.


Sejal and Ankur’s Indian Wedding–Part 1

We traveled to Hyderabad for the Mehendi Ceremony. Pretty much, we got to hang out with Sejal’s family for a whole day, eat food and I had a little Mehendi applied. The house was just filled with fun people. It was a pleasure to get to know everyone. But one thing I really loved was getting to see just how involved the families were. A lot of Sejal’s family lives within a block of each other. So, everyone is close.

Mehendi is so pretty once it’s applied. And it makes everything smell like eucalyptus. Apparently, the darker the Mehendi looks on the skin, the more your partner is in love.

After Hyderabad, we hopped a plane for Indore and the wedding festivities began. So, below are images from both time in Hyderabad and Indore.